the best feel good video of Christmas 2016

Every year there is a video that captures the feeling of the Christmas season so clearly. This year, it is this video. I don't want to give away too much so just turn up your speakers and watch.

How to Travel Happy

How to Travel Happy

Over the next few months I will be spending a lot of time in planes and on long road trips. I've flown a little over a million miles so far and during this time in the air, I've created a little kit of what works to help make travel more comfortable.

One tip that helps me feel refreshed, especially after a transcontinental trip, is taking off all of my makeup before I board a flight and sweeping on a Tan Towel. By the time I land, I have a nice glow. I swipe on a little Vaseline Rosy Lips and I feel ready to jump into a new adventure. The pashmina helps me feel cozy on cool flights and the eye mask along with the noise cancelling headphones relax me into a nice doze after a light fruit plate on the flight. I love my bkr bottle. It reminds me to keep hydrated, which is especially important when you're 36,000 feet in the air. Elizabeth Gilbert's newest book "Big Magic" is one that I have been saving to read on my next trip. I'm excited to start reading this and discover my own big magic.

Wherever you are traveling to this season, may you be surrounded by happiness.


Last night I went to bed before the election results were tallied. I had six news programs on the TV and anxiously watched them all. As I saw where things were heading, I shut the TV off. I grabbed the dog and headed to bed where we cuddled and I fell asleep with her heart beating against my chest. In that moment, all was right with the world.

This morning I woke up to dread, sadness, terror even on my Facebook feed. My heart went out to my LGBTQ friends, my Muslim friends, my nieces who are worried about their futures. I worry for them. So, I closed Facebook too. Today I want to be positive and send my energy out into this universe that somehow feels like it has been titled at a precarious angle. As author Liz Gilbert ("Eat Pray Love") says: Onward.