taking off the headphones

I started running and I am so focused on my personal best that I am always looking for new music that will make me go fast, faster, fastest. This morning I had my headset on as I was out running under the blue sky and sunshine. I had to adjust my ponytail so I took my headphones off and I noticed for the first time that all around me  birds were loudly chirping, singing, talking to each other. I stood there for a moment wondering if I missed this every day because I was so concerned about beating my own record.

I closed my eyes and listened. I heard the birds, dogs barking, a lawnmower in the distance. This was better than any music. Nature is just so awesome. My mood was lifted right away. I ran the rest of the path without my headphones. I listened to the different birds, the way the wind rustled through freshly budding leaves. No, my time wasn't a personal best, not even close but when I reached my doorstep I was so happy. Sure, "Off the Wall" can help me run fast but it couldn't reach my soul like one little bird did today.

What do you hear right now?