happy video: kick off your monday with the "happy' supercut


Oh, Monday.

When you're warm and cozy under the covers just knowing that it's Monday when the alarm goes off can make you want to just tuck in a little longer. Unless, of course, you're just a happy person in general who leaps out of bed in the morning ready to spread your joy. If this is you, you are amazing.

So, if Monday is not your favorite day of the week, here. Watch this. It's Pharrell Williams' song "Happy." In honor of International Happiness Day in March, happy people around the world lip-dubbed and danced their way through this song. See the giggles, the flubs, the sweet little happy kids, the doctors in scrubs, students, puppies, dads (who really tried) and even C-3PO getting their happy on.

I'm smiling as I type this. You will too. I know you will.

Here's to getting your week off to and happy start! Need a little more? OK. Think of three things that make you happy.


Now :-)  !

the best yogurt: siggi's

One of the best breakfasts I have ever had was in France. It was an early morning during the Cannes Film Festival and on the way to a screening I popped into a cafe for a quick espresso and a croissant. As I sat at the outdoor cafe sipping my espresso, I watched the lithe woman next to me enjoying a yogurt with her croissant. On that sunny morning on the Mediterranean, I ordered the yogurt with raspberries as well. It was the best yogurt I have ever had. It was rich and thick, tangy but sweet. I asked what the brand was but the owner shrugged and said it was his wife's recipe.  I stopped there every morning during the Festival for that yogurt. Sometimes I still dream about it.

Since then I have tried every yogurt on the market to recreate this moment. Some Greek yogurts have come close but there was still a richness that was missing. Last week, I picked up Siggi's Icelandic Style Non-Fat Yogurt. There it was. The flavor that I had tried to replicate. It was there in this perfect little cup. (The cup by the way feels god in your hand. It's sturdy and feels almost like a cardboard rather than plastic. That's because the cups are manufactured with 40-50% less plastic than regular yogurt cups.)

I did some research into Siggi's yogurt and read their story. Created by Icelander, Siggi Hilmarsson, this yogurt is based on the recipe for skyr, a traditional Icelandic yogurt. Made with few ingredients, Siggi's does mot contain artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, or growth hormone treated milk. The 0% fat raspberry yogurt I tried contained 110 calories,  14 grams of protein and just 11 grams of sugar. More importantly though, it tasted like pure and delicious.

Later in the week I picked up Siggi's plain yogurt and used it both for dipping strawberries and as a mix in with avocados and pico de gallo for an outstanding guacamole.

Siggi's is now a staple in our home as we try to lead a healthier, simple lifestyle without lots of artificial additives. It's just the best yogurt we've ever had.

Siggi's is available at Whole Foods and other grocery stores nationwide.