the happygirl inspiration #854

My grandfather used to tell me that if I really wanted something, nothing could stop me from achieving that goal. Here's to the hurdles that help us realize what we really want in life.

taking the leap

Sometimes I wonder why it is so hard to reach a goal. You take baby steps then fall back a giant step. You scale a mountain by inches and you roll back down to the bottom. When I was thinking about that this morning, I realized that you can look at this a number of different ways, including feeling defeated. Or. . .or you steel yourself and make the determination that what you want most is what is worth fighting hardest for. Baby steps, leaps, whatever gets your there, well, gets you there. Just close your eyes and focus. Eyes on the prize. What's on the other side will be better than you ever imagined.

the happy girl inspiration #176

When I'm afraid I can't reach a goal, when there are too many hurdles, I remind myself of this.

happy moment: if only you could see yourself

When I am having the kind of Monday where it all just goes wrong and I feel like an idiot, I take a breath and a quiet moment and try to remember that God would say something like this to us.