the happygirl inspiration: #176

I have this inspiring coach who tells me "Taylor, let it go, let it float away. The good things will come.  Put it out into the universe. Believe and relax."

the happygirl inspiration # 754

It's easy to want something. It's harder to actually take the steps to make your dream become your reality. One of my goals is to lose weight and become healthy. I've tried the same weight loss methods over and over with varying levels of success. Now I'm exploring other programs, other methods. I'm willing to do what it takes to achieve this goal. What goal do you want to achieve?

i was happy as a caterpillar

Six years ago my life changed. At 10:06am on Cinco de Mayo 2009, a job I LOVED as a celebrity reporter at MSN was eliminated. I had been with Microsoft since 1995. It was not a good morning. We were buying our new house at 11am (which we didn't do). I lost what I thought was everything on that day, including my self-esteem. I was lost. Larry and I looked at each other that night and said "Now, what?" After an ugly cry (on my part) Larry said "What's important?" "I don't know anymore. I don't know what's important.," I said. "We have each other," he said. He was right. 
Now 6 years later, my life is nothing like I imagined it would be. I am The Happygirl who gets to commute 2800 miles to her hometown every month and work at my alma mater, an outstanding Catholic high school in Massachusetts. I get to see my family and my friends who've known me since grammar school, and some new friends who have become like family. I owe Larry & Emma everything for keeping me together then. And now. And always.
So, Happy Cinco de Mayo!