happy video: dax & kristen do "Africa"

I am in love with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. With both of them. As a couple. It's easy to be cynical about Hollywood couples, but not Dax and Kristen. They are the couple equivalent of a happy sunny summer Saturday morning.

As a reporter I've had the opportunity to interview them both. Individually, they are funny and smart and open and kind but putting them together brings about almost a chemical reaction. The sum of them together is greater than just adding the two. They make each other's best qualities shine even brighter. Their love is so juicy and happy that they are the couple you want to hang out with on a simple Wednesday night just to be in their orbit.

Their Samsung Galaxy TV spots  (especially the one below) make me believe in the beauty, the hilarity, the fun that happens when you're married to the other person in the world who truly "gets" you.  I watch their sun-dappled day-in-the-life of Hollywood's most adorable couple video (albeit a commercial for Samsung products) and I think "Aww, her hands do fit perfectly against his. She sings The Spinners really well. I need to watch 'Frozen' again. I should download 'Could it be I'm Falling in Love.' Aww, he tried finding her kale chop salad. Of course, they're staying in to watch 'The Princess Bride.'" It's genius marketing for Samsung Galaxy products. As I write this, I've watched this video six times in a row.

So this morning when I saw this new video of Dax and Kristen in Africa singing  along to Toto's 80's hit "Africa" my love for them grew to epic proportions. Taken before their daughters Lincoln and Delta were born, it's what a vacation should be--hanging out with your best friend, making the best of a rainstorm in the Serengeti.

Here's to Dax and Kristen, love and their happy moments caught on video!

The fantastic video of Kristen Bell  on "The Ellen Show" describing Dax surprising her with a sloth.

How to be Happy: #1

I have spent a lot of time trying to fit into other people's view of me. Whether it was as a daughter, student, friend, wife or employee. I have been preppy, outgoing, quiet, studious, carefree and shy. I wanted people to like me and so I tried to be what they wanted me to be. This doesn't work. It doesn't. 

One of the things that I have learned in this Happygirl Experiment is that you can't try to fit into someone else's plans or even in their view of who they think you should be. You will fill confined, annoyed, angry, defeated. You are amazing. You are the only you that ever was or will be. You shouldn't be dancing to someone else's tune. Only you know how to be you. There will be people in your life who think they know better. Like most of us, you have listened to what they have to say about you and you conformed to them but deep inside you knew that this wasn't you. It's OK to sing your song even if it's off key. You have this beautiful slate to fill with anything you want. Be you. 

So, sing your own song, beat your own drum. Those who appreciate you will gravitate towards you. They will be singing their own songs. If you're lucky, the harmony will be just beautiful.